VURGU is mainly specialised in following marketing acitivities:

      It might be sometimes difficult for foreing companies who is wishing to sell their products in Turkey to obtain detailed information about macroenvironmental forces such as demographics, economic conditions, local competiitors & level of competition, social and cultural forces, political and legal forces, etc.

      VURGU provides environmental scanning for the companies who wishes to enter Turkish market so that they can better see how external environmental forces such as demographics, economic conditions, and social and cultural trends can affect an organization's marketing.

  • Marketing Research Projects,
  • Market Surveys,
  • Product Launch,
  • Distribution,
  • Strategic Marketing Channel Management,

VURGU is the official representative of SKE Group, Era Seating Systems, Gokdag, and Megamak companies.

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Vurgu Dış Ticaret ve Pazarlama Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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